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  Pennant Elimination Numbers for Major League Baseball Teams          
  Magic Numbers ?  Yes, we have those.  BUT –                                                           
  We also show you the TRUE Division and Wild Card Elimination Numbers  
  when Magic Numbers (sometimes called “Tragic Numbers”) are Wrong !  
  That’s right – the Magic Number is not always Magic !  
  And when it’s not, Pennant Solutions © saves the day by providing the correct  
  elimination value – often IDENTIFYING TEAMS THAT HAVE ALREADY  
  BEEN ELIMINATED, even though their Magic Number has not reached 0 !  
  How do we do it ?  
  The Magic Number is a two-team analysis of the pennant races (division leader vs. team to be eliminated),  
       and because of that, it overlooks the effects of the rest of the teams in the division.    
  However, complete analysis of elimination situations requires that you consider ALL the teams in the division.    
  In fact, you have to consider both the records and the remaining schedules of all the teams in the division.  
  When you do that, you occasionally find cases where SOME TEAM will have to finish with more wins than the current leader has.  
  The difference between this higher WIN TARGET and the leader’s current wins is what creates an 'Early Elimination'.  
  PENNANT SOLUTIONS © specializes in giving complete, rapid results for clinchings and eliminations.   
  PENNANT SOLUTIONS ©  is more complete and accurate than magic numbers because   
       it considers the remaining games of all contending teams simultaneously when performing its calculations.  
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